There are specific laws in place to protect pedestrians and bicyclists.  Being hit by thousands of pounds of steel machinery as a pedestrian or bicyclist can cause devastating results.  As in a car accident an experienced attorney will look at all the possible causes of action and legal remedies.  If someone hits you as you are crossing the street was it only the fault of the driver or was there something wrong with the traffic light or street lighting.  How fast was the vehicle going? There are laws in Pennsylvania that require an automobile to slow down to a very slow speed when approaching an intersection even if the light is green.  In order to make sure that you receive the most compensation for your injuries you need an attorney who will begin working for you immediately.  If you were injured in an urban setting the chances are that there is video of the incident.  However, if someone does not act fast on your behalf these videos will disappear or be recorded over.

Pedestrian and bicyclist injuries can be catastrophic.  If you are seriously injured it is not enough that you just go to a doctor and get treated.  You may need extensive medical reports and an qualified expert to testify about your injuries.   The person who caused the accident will have medical experts at trial to say that your injuries are not as bad as you say they are.

You want an attorney who will fight for you and look at all possible avenues of recovery. Call the Law Offices of Lee M. Herman, Esquire and get the legal representation that you deserve.