High school and college students are often arrested for underage drinking. Most likely this occurs at a party where the police have been called. This is usually a minor offense but having any criminal record can affect your ability to get into a school or obtain the job that you want. Underage drinking charges may make you eligible for your counties ARD program. However if they are not the attorney at The Law Offices of Lee M. Herman, Esquire can help you fight the charges. Did the police have the authority to enter the premises where you were located? Were you read you Miranda Rights?

If you were convicted of underage drinking when you were very young you may be facing a drivers license suspension that does not go into effect until you apply for your license. You may be able to avoid this by fighting the charges against you or pleading guilty to a lesser charge. If you are convicted of underage drinking as a young person you may be able to have your criminal record cleared when you turn 21.