PTI is a diversionary program that is available at the Superior Court level for defendants charged with indictable offenses such as more serious Drug Possession, Theft, and Marijuana Distribution. In addition to these offenses people can typically be eligible for the PTI program for charges such as Credit Card Fraud, Forgery, Prescription Fraud, and serious Shoplifting.

PTI programs are administered through the local County Prosecutor’s office and are used for those cases which the prosecutor may not have a serious interest in prosecuting. These are usually cases involving first time offenders and charges that do not carry a presumed prison sentence. Serious and violent crimes are usually not eligible for any diversionary program but exceptions are made based on the circumstances and the PTI department of the County Prosecutor will look at factors such as an individual’s upbringing, schooling and social and economic status in determining whether the individual would be a good candidate for the program. The probation department oversees and monitors the individual and may require the person to perform community service and attend counseling.

An individual has to apply for the PTI program. Anyone can apply no matter what the charges and the individual will then be interviewed by probation or an investigator and a background check will be performed. If you are accepted into PTI you will meet with your assigned probation officer. Failure to do everything that your probation officer requests from you can result in you being expelled from the program and facing all the original charges that were brought against you.

If you successfully complete the PTI program the charges will be dismissed against you and you will be allowed to file to have your record expunged 6 months after you complete the program.