Have you been sued by a credit card company?

Is a credit card company or collection agency harassing or threatening you with phone calls and letters?

Even if you are in debt you have rights and defenses and each individual case poses its unique facts. We will help you determine the appropriate solution to your problem. Pennsylvania has a very high threshold of proof that credit card companies, especially 3rd party credit buyers, must show in order to prevail in court and collect money from you. It is not enough for these companies to show statements that were mailed to you. They need to show that they actually own the debt. We have successfully argued and won cases where the credit card company could not produce a signed contract or papers that show your specific account was purchased. Federal law imposes strict guidelines in the Fair Debt and Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). Are you being called constantly? Are collection or credit card agencies threatening you with what they will do if you do not pay? These are violations of the FDCPA and proof of these abuses cannot just get the case against you thrown out but you may also be able to recover damages against the companies that were after you for money.

With over 30 years experience collecting money for the credit card companies we can now help defend you from the tactics that these companies utilize. Credit card companies have become very aggressive in suing people who fall behind on their payments. Don’t take on the credit card companies by yourself. Let The Law Offices of Lee M. Herman, Esquire be your defense.