Are you a business that is owed money?

We have successfully collected thousands of unpaid debts and accounts for businesses that have been left holding unpaid invoices. A simple Demand for Payment Letter from an attorney often brings miraculous results.

Maybe the first mistake was not having strong enforcement provisions in your contracts.  The law allows you to have contracts and invoices that state that failure to pay will result in interest payments and attorney fees.  Deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit is an important decision and each decision after that is equally important. Knowing which court you can and should file a lawsuit in is a very important decision.  Once a lawsuit is filed we know what steps can be taken to find out what assets the debtor has.  We will vigorously attempt to settle the matter and collect full payment for you prior to going to trial which can be costly for all parties involved.  If a hearing is necessary we have years of trial experience to get the best result for you.

Trying to collect a debt on your own can be time consuming, confusing and extremely frustrating. You can also run into serious legal problems if you do not know what you legally can and cannot do. We are known for legally but aggressively going after people or businesses that owe money.

Have you won a Judgment in Court just to have no idea what your next step is?

Collecting a Judgment can often be harder than winning in court.  We have over 30 years of experience in collecting Judgments.  Pennsylvania and New Jersey have certain post-judgment discovery and other procedures that can be used, in conjunction with the Court system, to learn the amount and location of money and property that the debtor owns.  If a debtor fails to respond to these methods a Court will issue monetary penalties against them.  We know these procedures and we can ask the Court for these sanctions.  We also work with private companies to find the assets of debtors.  One very effective way of collecting on a Judgment is to file a state lien on a property.  This prevents a person from ever selling a property until your Judgment is paid off.  We work with several companies to learn the location of assets of debtors.  The companies we work with help us find not only bank accounts but real estate, boats and automobiles.  If the type and location of a debtor’s asset are know they can legally be seized by a sheriff after the filing of a Writ of Execution.