Roughly a Million people file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy every year. By filing a Chapter 7 you receive what is called an “automatic stay”. This means that all lawsuits, collection attempts, wage garnishments, foreclosures and phone calls from collection agencies must stop during the time of the Bankruptcy legal proceedings.  The result in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the forgiveness of your unsecured debts.  Credit card and medical debts are released.  Certain debts like student loans, child support and some other government debts will not be forgiven. Your assets will be placed in a the control of a trustee.  We may be able to help you keep your most important assets like your home and car.  Not everyone will qualify for a Chapter 7.  The Court will look at recent financial history for suspicious activity before deciding if you qualify or not.

There are a multitude of factors at play in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Without having an attorney on your side who knows the law you may end up putting yourself in a deeper whole before you start to dig out.  Let us help you get on the path back to financial success.